MOXIE - Managing a School Leavers Hoodie Project

Managing a School Leavers Hoodie Project

Leavers hoodies, created together online

Planning and managing a school leavers hoodie project can be an exciting but challenging project. To ensure a successful project, it's essential to have a clear plan and to be well organised. Although, here at MOXIE, we can essentially handle most of the work for you. Leaving you to enjoy the creative process with those students, parents or others bringing the project to life.

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

Clearly define the project's objectives, such as the design, quantity, and distribution of the leavers hoodies. Ensure everyone involved is on the same page regarding what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Create a Design Team

Assemble a design team to come up with creative and appealing designs for the leavers hoodies. Encourage student input, as their ideas can make the hoodies more personalised and meaningful, it also allows them to feel part of the process, as they should.

Step 3: Budget and Funding

Determine the budget for the project and explore funding options, whether through the school, fundraising, or student contributions. Here at MOXIE we are super clear with pricing and can make the budgeting of a leaver hoodie project super simple.

Step 4: Order Early

We will let you know all the timelines and deadlines to get your leavers hoodies in good time for the graduation or end of school year. It’s obvious that a simple process and good project management will allow you to get your order in early.

Step 5: Distribution Plan

Develop a distribution plan to ensure that all students receive their hoodies promptly and without confusion. Consider organising a special ceremony or event for the handover. Typically we find that the leavers hoodies are well received as part of a final leavers assembly event, with parents, students and teachers present, perhaps as part of a wider leavers awards.

Step 6: Inspiring

Promote your leavers hoodie project to generate excitement and ensure maximum participation. You want to get your students excited about the project and let them join in and drive the creativity forwards – that way they will feel a sense of extra pride in what they get at the end. A top quality and meaningful personalised leavers hoodie.