MOXIE - Customised Hoodies FAQ


Getting Started

How do I order?

Head to our homepage and click Get Started – you can see our ordering options here.


Help, I have forgotten my hoodie login!

Head to the sign in page - enter your email address and you can click ‘trouble signing in’.

If you have forgotten your email address please give the team a call and we can help you recover your account. We will have sent you a verification on email sign up so check your email accounts for this!

Pricing and Delivery

How much does a hoodie cost?

Our Leavers Hoodies start from £24.50 (adult sizes) or £21.00 (child sizes).

You can see more information on our pricing calculator, deals and AllYearbooks discounts on the homepage.

What does the price include?

The price includes VAT, delivery, choice of front designs, a choice of reverse designs including an option for personalisation. There is no VAT on children's hoodies.

Is there a delivery cost?

Your first delivery is free – for any additional orders you will be charged a standard delivery fee of £15.

Are there any other charges?

Set up, printing, VAT and delivery are all included in the price in the first order. For additional orders and late orders, other charges may apply.

Do you deliver hoodies outside of the UK?

Yes, we can ship to anywhere in the world! This will incur an additional delivery charge, so speak to our team to find out the cost contact us on the chat on our website, drop us an email or give us a call and we can organise a quote for you.

How long does it take to print hoodies?

Our turnaround time for printing is 2 weeks from signing off your order and making paying.

How long does delivery take?

Our hoodies are delivered by DPD or Royal Mail. Delivery is next working day (please add a further 2 days for some addresses in Scotland and Northern Ireland). When your order is dispatched, you will receive an email to confirm it's on its way to you along with a tracking number.

Design Confirmation

How do I sign off my order?

You will be asked to sign off your order confirmation and details page. You will be able to view your front design, your reverse design and list of names, your order list and your delivery information, and will then be asked to confirm your order - once you have confirmed your order it will be locked for editing - just give the team a call if you want to make any last minute changes.

What happens after I have completed my order?

Woohoo! Once you have completed your order, you can sit back and leave it to us. After you have signed off, confirmed you’re happy with your designs and made your payment, there’s nothing else for you to do. We will let you know when your order is on its way to you.

Can I do an additional order?

Yes, of course – just contact a member of the MOXIE team and we can organise this for you.

I forgot someone's hoodie, what shall I do?

If you have missed someone out, please don't worry. Contact us straight away and we can let you know if it is possible to squeeze them in, depending on the stage of your order. If it is too late, we can arrange an additional order.

For additional orders we will need to charge a set-up fee of £100. The additional hoodie will cost £29.50 and there will be a charge for delivery. So please double-check you have included everyone when you submit your order!

I have received a late order, what shall I do?

If someone has been slow to give you their information, don't worry – this does and will happen. Speak to the MOXIE team and we will see how we can help.

I need to change something on my order.

As soon as you can, give the MOXIE team a call – we will let you know what your options are and what we can do.

Back Design

What design options do you have for the back of the hoodie?

We currently have 14 different design options and you can see these in the ‘edit and style’ section.

Can I leave the back of the hoodie blank?

Yes, of course you can.

Can I provide my own artwork for the back?

Yes you can; there is a fee for providing your own design this is £100 (inc VAT). Speak to a member of the team in chat or give us a call to discuss your plans.

What colour will the designs be printed in?

They will be white on every hoodie colour.

Individual Nicknames

What will the nicknames look like on the hoodie?

This will depend on the design you choose.

Is there a character limit on nicknames?

There is no character limit on nicknames but if it is really long the text will just be printed smaller.

Does everyone have to have a nickname?

If you choose a design which includes a nickname, if someone doesn’t submit a nickname this will just be left blank on the hoodie.

Back Name List

How do I add names to the back of the hoodie?

You can do this in the ‘edit and style’ section – Edit Reverse. All you need to do is copy and paste the names into here (and make sure you check them!).

Can I choose how the names look in the number?

All of these designs are created to give the best look and so that names look as good as possible in the number. Each design will be different based on the number of names. In the edit reverse section, you can see the list of how the names will print.

If there are not enough names, what happens?

We will increase the size of the names to try and fit, and if this is not possible, the names will be repeated.

Front Design

Can I change from embroidery to printing?

As standard, all of our hoodies have embroidery of the school logo or school name – you can choose which. We offer embroidery in our pricing and gives the garments a really nice finish. If you wish to change to a printed logo or name, please speak to us.

Do you offer embroidery of the name on the front of the hoodie in addition to the logo.

Yes we can, there is an additional charge for this and not something that you can currently do in the order process - speak to a member of MOXIE for a quote and to organise this.

Is my logo a high enough resolution?

We can usually work with any logo. However, if it is really low resolution, we will let you know when we receive the order and ask you to send over a higher quality.

Does it matter how many colours I have in my logo?

No, this doesn't matter. If your logo is very detailed we may have trouble picking up the complexity, but if this is a problem we will be in touch.

Can I leave any part of the hoodie blank?

Of course. If the hoodie organiser decides they would like the hoodie to be blank on the front, you can select ‘blank’ from the front style section. The hoodies are still the same price regardless of the design options you choose!

Individual Size and Colour

Does everyone in the order have to be the same colour?

No, each student can select their own colour. If you’d prefer to just offer one colour, you can do this when you set up your invite form.

Does every student have to have the same hoodie?

The students can choose the colour, the size and, if a reverse design has a personalisation option, they can add their own nickname. The hoodie organiser chooses the front style, text initials, school name, logo, or to keep it blank, and they also select the reverse design. Once these are selected the order can be started.

Do you sell hoodies for primary school students?

Yes, our hoodies start from age 3 - 4.

How do I measure the sizing?

Check out our size guide here.

Can I order trip hoodies?

Yes of course. Either create an account or log back into your account and create a new project. From here you can name your order and set up your own trip hoodie account.

Hoodie shortages

If there are any shortages or issues with hoodie supply we will upgrade affected individual hoodies to a Deluxe Hood. If we are unable to do this due to a shortage in the deluxe hoodie we will be in touch to discuss an alternative colour choice. If a hoodie is upgraded to a deluxe hoodie, this will be done automatically to save time with your order. If we need to change the colour we will be in touch as soon as we can.


Can I have a sample hoodie?

Yes, you can request a sample hoodie – please contact us directly to arrange this.

What’s the quality of the hoodies?

The hoodies are built to be durable, not disposable. We have made the decision to only offer one hoodie style – this is for consistency and quality and means we can ensure that all of our quality tests are met whilst still providing you with a range of colours that can be chosen by children and adults.

How do I wash the hoodie?

Follow the instructions on the garment, which are a standard 40-degree wash, and never tumble dry.

Will the hoodies come individually wrapped?

No, as part of our journey to being plastic free, we are launching as a plastic packaging free company.


How do we pay?

Our payments are all carried out through Stripe, this is a secure payment processing website. We will only ask you for information that we need. You will be redirected to Stripe via our site.

Do you offer individual payments?

Yes - individual payments can be enabled through your project's individual customisation page. Individual payments allow your invitees to pay for their own hoodies.

If there’s anything else we haven't answered, please call us on 01736 751 515 or drop us an email to